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Baby Bottle

The product has global industrial registration.

By using the Baby Bottle, the new product of our company, you can gain the following:

  • Earlier watering of the newborn animals.

  • Havier newborns => havier animals.

  • Bigger animals at the end of the season.

  • Low cost of installation.

  • Low cost of purchase.


 The  Baby Bottle has the following technical characteristics:

  • Total water volume of 0,5 lit.

  • Special , extra sensitive water nipple, for easy drinking.

  • Easy refill off the water, with the removable cap or with automatic watering system.

  • Easy assembly on the cage wire, with a simple push down of the Baby Bottle.

  • Easy disassembly of the bottle, by just pulling it out of the wire.

  • Two differnt types of bottle, in the same product, for better results.


a) Long neck, suitable for the initial period of the life of the newborns.

b) Normal neck, suitable after the initial period of the life of the newborns.

You can change from the normal to the long type, by just screwing the long neck.

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